PsychImageThis family is psyched for the game, Psych! Grandkid #1 discovered it via a reference to Ellen’s post about the App, and encouraged Mom and Siblings #1 – 3 to play while gathered for a birthday celebration.

It was so much fun that the gang rallied to play again when Sibling #4 came to town a few weeks later. We had a blast!

Some basic points:

  • The game is a bluffing game (not unlike Balderdash)
  • It’s available for iPhones and Android phones
  • You can play for free. There are currently 3 decks (categories of play) available upon initial download (“Word Up!”, “Is that a Fact?”, and “Movie Bluff!”).
  • In-app purchases allow you to remove ads and pay for additional decks.
  • Players must have the application installed on their phone to play.
  • Players don’t have to be in the same room to participate!

The application provides a “how to” video which explains the details of game play. At a high level, the game leader starts the game and shares the automatically generated “secret code” to all participants. Once all players enter that code to join the game, the fun begins! The goal is to 1.) make up answers to trivia questions that another player will assume is correct, 2.) not get suckered by other players’ fake answers.

This game ranks high on the laughter scale. We now have a standing appointment on our calendars so we can play once a week, even with the folks that live states away.

Have fun!

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