SET is a fast paced card game which is simple to learn and quick to set up.

When short on time (or while the rest of the family is deciding what to play), Sibling #4 and Grandkid #1 will often pull out an enjoy a quick game of SET.

Some basic points:

  • Table set up is easy. Shuffle the deck and lay out 12 cards, face up. Set aside the remaining cards in a pile, face down.
  • Game play is simple. Players call out “SET!” when they identify a SET and take the associated cards from the board. The removed cards are replaced with new cards from the face down pile and play resumes.
  • For any two cards, there is only one card that can join it to make a SET. When learning the rules behind what comprises a SET, we recommend practicing by laying out two cards and determining what the third card should be.
  • The player with the most cards once the board is cleared is the winner!

Have fun!

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