Pictionary Card Game

Pictionary Card Game

Grandkid #2 loves activities that require some form of creativity.

In preparation for a family visit, a goal was set to find a few games that might entice Grandkid #2 to the gaming table. Pictionary Card Game seemed like it might fit the bill, and its price point was low enough that we wouldn’t be too upset if it was a clunker.


Some basic points:

  • Table set up is easy: red cards on one side, blue cards on the other, and category cards in the middle.
Pictionary Card Game spread

Pictionary Card Game spread

  • You can have an unlimited number of players since play is broken up into two teams.
    • The “Picturist” for a given round will need access to all the cards for their team.
    • Guessers will need to have a good view of the Picturist and the cards the Picturist is using.
  • Game play is like Charades using card props.
  • Instructions are straight forward.

It was a blast! Listen to a few seconds of this family taking it for a spin:


Traditional Pictionary was a favorite for many years, but fell out of regular rotation sometime back. We’ve had so much fun with this new version, we may be dusting off the traditional version sometime in the near future.

Have fun!

Pictionary Card Game

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